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Flexible Outsourcing With A Strategic Revit Partner

November 17, 2016 Comments Off on Flexible Outsourcing With A Strategic Revit Partner

Production support through offshoring is fast becoming the norm, rather than the exception, in the Western construction industry. This is especially so for Revit outsourcing. Offshore drafting with Revit and offshore Revit modelling provide a host of benefits for construction firms looking to effectively build a thriving business practice. This is based not only on the flexibility of Revit itself, but the advantages that come with the flexible nature of workflow in outsourced projects. Carefully assessed Revit pilot projects can lead to long-term strategic Revit partners, enabling overall profitability.

To better understand how this could be so, it’s worth considering the services that can be expected from the use of Revit’s many capabilities. Revit CAD support and Revit MEP support can provide CAD drawings, drafting, 3D models, construction documents and 3D MEP (M&E) coordination.

When considering Revit, it must be understood that Revit is more than a simple drafting program; it is a versatile, dynamic database. It facilitates the storage of all project data in a single project file, allowing several users to change and edit on the same file and merge those changes. These changes are incorporated throughout the project, so that any change in any specific view is automatically updated in all views. Revit helps develop a comprehensive set of drawings that is flexible to represent changes. When the model changes, corresponding section views, elevations and schedules are also updated and require no changes or refreshing. Revit can help facilitate design, procurement, safety, construction, pricing, ongoing maintenance, facility management and more.

The advantages of Revit are that it can:

Reduce field cycle time
Increase coordination and collaboration
Encourage shorter turn-around time (TAT)
Minimise waste
Increase on-site renewable options
Improve error detection and mitigate risk
Increase public confidence
Increase employee productivity

Both a library of families and the solution of one-off concerns can be created in Revit. As far as modelling, Revit is not only a tool for modelling; it is part of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process. This essentially means that, beyond the modelling of the building, Revit enables users to programme the model to host data in great detail, which can be utilised at different stages of the design procedure. For example, a wall may hold information about its material, reinforcement or fastening requirements. This BIM process is useful for documentation, construction administration, building and facilities management.

Flexibility in outsourcing construction design and development looks beyond modelling. When greater time is spent on incorporating data into models during the Design Development phase, the overall time consumed in construction documentation and construction administration is reduced. It changes how people work in the AEC industry and significantly improves workflow.

As competition for large and more prestigious projects becomes increasingly fierce, many AEC firms are considering the feasibility and desirability of Revit BIM outsourcing services. Consideration can logically only lead to the conclusion that offshore drafting and design services in Revit produces greater efficiency for businesses and increases customer satisfaction due to flexibility, consistency and the meeting of deadlines.

Outsourced services for BIM architectural models delivered using the flexibility of Revit offer the following benefits:

Technically qualified experts with experience on various types of Revit BIM projects bring greater levels of engineering capability, helping in the growth of business and future bids.
Extensive knowledge of Revit tools and their capabilities is needed for precise, intelligent BIM models. When outsourcing, Western firms need not hire, train or supervise expensive CAD technicians.
Overheads and salaries in offshore companies are significantly less than those of Western companies. This global market arena for design, drafting and modelling makes it possible for Western firms to be more cost-effective.
Precise BIM drawings and meeting deadlines consistently boosts customer satisfaction, improving professional reputations.
Outsourcing decreases/eliminates investment in expensive hardware

For cost-effective construction, Revit BIM services can be planned well ahead. BIM modelling teams can produce detailed clash-free 3D models, duct work and wiring can be ideally placed and mock-ups of the construction by Revit BIM allow effective planning, material transfer and labour coordination, all of which adapt easily to any unforeseen changes during the design process.

Outsourced Revit Services

Outsourced firms can offer detailed and accurate Revit drawings, drafting and models in adherence to local standards and codes. Using BIM, Revit resources have helped complete interference models, identifying clashes between structural and MEP elements. Additional Revit BIM services offered are:

AutoCAD-to-Revit conversion
Construction documents set creation
Development of 3D Revit models
Conversion of PDF drawings to 3D Revit
Revit structural drafting
Creation of structural Revit models for clash detection
Revit MEP drafting
Revit MEP model design

One of the great advantages of outsourcing is that it affords Revit drafting resources at a reasonable cost, whether the resource required is a single drafting resource or a team of Revit designers, draftsmen, 3D Revit modellers or BIM consultants. Revit outsourcing can supply highly qualified and experienced Revit drafting professionals with in-depth industry knowledge. Firms can thus quickly adapt to new project implementation.

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